Keeping You Informed, Updated and Relax to Oldies But Goodies Music

1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio had enjoyed significant success with its community service programming, sports, weather, and local news, but was seeking to develop a similar kind of interest in the music it played. The great thing about the new music model was that it worked perfectly as at-work and family-friendly music, as well as a background for local businesses.

The format was uniquely designed to create a familiar pop inspired music from the Sixties, Seventies, and early Eighties with an occasional touch of true original oldie. This was fantastic since it meant that people who grew up listening to KVIL and KLIF were familiar with every tune played on1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio. Memories 1580 became a familiar, upbeat, local, and fun presentation that had you singing along to the memories brought back by each song. Local audiences who had never listened to 1580 outside sports and news programming were encouraged to try out the new music format. One could listen to Memories 1580 on 1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio’s website, local cable TV channel 2, and AM 1580. The Listen Live feature on 1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio’s website continued to provide 1580 audio globally over the internet. The initial week between the holidays was music intensive to introduce the new format. Normal news programming and air personalities returned on Monday 3rd January 2011.

Memories 1580 would also be responsible for broadcasting the Cooke County Classic Basketball tournament games on the tournament’s final day 30th December 2010, starting at 9 am and continuing through the rest of the day.

1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio hosts Gainesville ISD at the beginning of every month to offer a community report about events occurring within the district. If you miss the live show, you can listen to the recorded videos. The live radio broadcast is available on 1580AM and 92.3 FM on the first Friday of every month, other than July and June.

Since 1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio was established in 1947, the radio station has undergone various changes. What used to be predominantly a sports, weather, and morning news, community service programming station, has now become a popular station for listening to music. Today, 1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio is more popular than during its first year and attracts a wider audience. 1580 KGAF-Hometown Radio has kept and continues to keep listeners entertained by its delightful music while keeping them informed on sports, weather, and morning news